Umbrella Academy: A Look at the Famous Characters of the Fantasy Drama that Makes the Show Enthralling to Watch

Umbrella Academy, a very famous Netflix series that was released in 2019, has had a total of 1 season till now. however, the plot is very interesting. a billionaire, Reginald Hargreaves, adopts seven children who were born to random women, who were not even pregnant, trains them to save the world, and works hard for … Read more

“Tiffany Trump”, the Only Trump who Supports Protests against Racism and Demands Justice for George Floyd

What happened with George Floyd has left everyone shocked and devastated. Everyone from around the world is voicing against the police’s brutality, white supremacy, and most importantly racism.  Various Hollywood stars were seen protesting against the police on their social media handles, of which Donald trump’s daughter Tiffany trump also joined.  She was following the … Read more

“Black Lives Matter,” Hollywood Celebrities Condemns the Murder of George Flyod, and Protest Again the Racial Crimes against Black Community

The recent video which got leaked about George Floyd and how he was treated by the police, has left the whole world angry and led to violent protests.  The video is so heartbreaking to watch and seeing such ill-treatment to people by the people we call our saviors- officers, has left everyone in a deep … Read more