Code Geass: 5 Things that the Movie Trilogy did Better and 5 Things that Original Anime did Better

The movie trilogy and the original anime both have fans, but of course, there are a few things that will be better than in other. There are a few things which the Code Geass- the movie trilogy did better and something the original anime was much better wt. 

Movie trilogy 

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  • The plot of this amazing movie is very streamlined when the plot of a story is to the point and not exaggerated. When the plot is to the point, other negativity which isn’t much necessary in the story, much focus doesn’t fall on it. 
  • The ending of this movie is a bit controversial, it is not the same as that of the original movie, which created an entirely new vision for the film. Even though It did face criticism from the fans, at last everyone loved it as they could remember this movie because of its ending itself. 
  • The movie had amazing animations, during that time when not much graphics were available, still the movie engaged the audience the most with the amazing graphics and animations. 
  • What made the movie different from the original anime and also more exciting, is that the movie did take a turn to a news story in between. It made sure to not just show the original anime, but also what the story would’ve been if there was a twist? 
  • We always want the movies we love to Return, and this sequel of the original anime, made the fans go crazier and they are expecting more movies like this to return. 

Original Anime

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  • The original anime included all the episodes and its plot wasn’t streamlined, it still has hundreds of episodes, and it shouldn’t have been reduced. 
  • The original anime has made sure that the ending doesn’t change, it goes as per the script planned, which does something to make the audience and fans feel bored but sticking to the script is what the original anime preferred. 
  • Original anime focused on developing each character well, equal importance was given to each character, there were a lot of actors in the original anime, and everyone had a different story to unfold. 
  • What won everyone’s heart was the music the original anime uses, the movie uses amazing Music to remain intact and engaged with the movie and not let the interest go away. 
  • The original anime shows the real story,  which attracts the people more to watch it, because it focuses on revealing the real story.