The Historical Drama, ‘Outlander,’ is One Evergreen Show that Stimulates Same Exhilaration and Delight Everytime You Watch it

Outlander is a famous historic drama series, which was released in 2014, and has had a total of 5 seasons till now, 5th one being the final and the last one. It is a drama series that is based on the idea of a novel.  The series has done a really great job and did run 5 successful seasons and even won various awards for the most exciting new series. 

You can watch this exciting series on Starz and on amazon prime as well. Season 5 was one of the best seasons of the five and also brought us various shocking mysteries, we never wished we knew. The finale was very tough and emotional. 

The 5th season was all about Claire, the main character who tries to escape from Lionel brown, and his crew people, but she couldn’t succeed much but still, she was saved by her husband Jamie, who helped her to get out by telling his men to search for her all over and they finally found Claire.  

The review for season 5 was mixed. There were good comments but some rotten tomatoes as well.  The fifth series was mostly loved by all because of the finale episode which was very shocking yet amazing. 

The graphics and the direction of the show is what attracts people the most to this new exciting series. And according to reviews, most people have the review that this is the best season yet. Even though it does feel dark sometimes, but still the show manages to never let its joyous spirit go away. It makes sure to always bring new moments. 

What fans mainly loved about this season was that it always talks about how people continue to evolve and grow, and also that not always can every story have a happy ending, which is one fact of life everyone needs to accept. 

The values the season taught us won many hearts.