Is Maggie Coming Back in ‘Walking Dead’ Season 10? Are her Fans are Up for a Treat?

The teaser of ‘Walking Dead’ season 10 revealed that Maggie Rhee will return in this season. The last time she was seen in the show was in the last episodes of season 9 when she left the group after Rick exited. She went to join another group of survivors after that. That was her last appearance in the show.

Will she return with an unresolved issue over Negan’s proceeded with endurance? Or on the other hand will she return essentially as a demonstration of guarding her companions?

Ideally we’ll find a few solutions from the Season 10 finale, since the showrunner Angela Kang most likely won’t offer up a particular answer at any point in the near future.  Be that as it may, at any rate we realize Cohan will be back for Season 11 in full!


After that, the fans were sad that she might not return but the season 10 teaser confused them all! Maggie’s unique exit from TWD was a weird one, as her last scene was additionally Rick’s last scene, aside from for her situation she essentially vanished in Episode 4 following a multi-year time bounce, with the show saying that she was going around with Georgie helping different networks.

What are the fans feeling?

It left the people both shocked and curious wanting to know what will happen next! In an interview with “entertainment weekly”, she gave a statement that this season some new characters will get featured and will be able to witness the conflict between the survivors and the whisperers more than before.


Though in season 10 we will only see her re-enter and it will be from season 11 that we will be able to continuously watch her throughout. Certainly, fans would be glad to have the long-running heroine back in the series. Part 2 of season 10 is mainly focused on the war against the whisperers. In this season itself we will be witnessing the real identity of Maggie and what happened with her and how is it going to affect the whole group further.

Ezekiel and Jerry

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