Justin Bieber is having a rough day but he would keep pushing! Peep in to know the mental struggles of the singer and his way of dealing with it!

Justin Bieber has remained in news for one reason or another. Be it his wedding with Hailey, the couple’s honeymoon or Selena Gomez’s song which is said to be inspired by his actions. But now the issue is a bit more sensitive. An emotional yet strong announcement of mental struggle! The singer shared that on … Read more

Keanu Reeves makes a surprising cameo in latest SpongeBob movie! Tumble in to know what role he plays!

SpongeBob SquarePants has been a part of the childhood of almost everyone. And now as adults, we are going to witness it again. The third film in the franchise The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run dropped it’s trailer this Thursday. And the trailer has a hidden gem. Keanu Reeves, the darling of the internet … Read more

Does Graham Hunter of Catalan Club give us the reason to think if Lionel Messi would leave Barcelona next year? Theory vs reality??

Lionel Messi is claimed to leave Barcelona next year.  This is the announcement by one of the important authorities in Spanish football, Catalan Club, Graham Hunter. Hunter makes the suggestion on three points. Firstly, he assumes that Messi should desire more trophies in his waning career. Secondly, he believes that Messi should leave the club … Read more

#MeToo!! ‘Survivor’ garnered attention for Wrong Reasons! Jeff Probst addressed the situation! Accused contestant Dan Spilo apologized for the misconduct?

Survivor has been not only about surviving dangerous tasks presented upon the contestants. From the beginning, the show has dealt with representation and other social issues like gender and race. Though this time, the reality show was not left untouched by the renowned #MeToo movement. On Wednesday,’ We Made It To The Merge’ two-hour episode … Read more

Demi Lovato shares the picture with new boyfriend Austin Wilson! Was it some special occasion for the announcement of the relationship? Details inside!!

Demi Lovato is not shy to express her love to the world. The 27-year-old star took to Instagram to share pics of herself with her boyfriend Austin Wilson. The Disney star posted a black and white picture announcing her love. She captioned it with the possessive ‘My’ accompanied with a heart emoji.  In the pic … Read more

ABC postponed Emergence for its hour-long special Dolly Parton: Here She Comes Again!Peep in to know the details!

Emergence, the drama thriller on ABC was interrupted for the airing of its seventh episode. Instead, the channel had a special in lieu of the Tuesday show. ‘Dolly Parton: Here She comes Again!’ ran for an hour on the scheduled time of Emergence at 10 pm EST. The Special is a tribute for the life … Read more

Charles Rogers ,former Wide Receiver for Detroit Lions is no more! Died at the age of 38 due to Liver Failure at Fort Myers, Florida

Charles Rogers, a professional football player is no more. The player died at the age of 38. The news of his demise was revealed to the public when his friends and college acquaintances started expressing their grief on social media. The Saginaw native was an exemplary football player in his High School. Alongside football, he … Read more

E-bikes have proved to provide the same amount of exercise as traditional bikes! BYU University research claims with their experiment!

Technology is rapidly pervading all aspects of our lives. Then it is natural that even health would see the development of the latest gadgets and research to provide maximum benefit at least cost on the part of the person. In this stride, Brigham Young University researchers found out the benefits of E-bikes. They claimed that … Read more

A glimpse of Stranger Things Season 4 has started speculations about the referenced ‘Hellfire Club’! Is that true?? Peep in to know the full story!

Stranger Things has always been the beloved series among its audience. So obviously even a mention of it would awaken the fans and rampant theories about the show. This is what happened when The Duffer Brothers tweeted something related to the show. Though the date of release of the much-awaited show is yet to be … Read more

‘Taboo’, the historical drama is set to return to our screens! Checkout for Release date, cast, plot and other details!!

Taboo, BBC’S 2017 historical period drama is set to return with its second season. Clearly, the bone-chilling thriller and adventure enraptured many with its plot and fight of survival against powerful foes. Taboo Cast Taboo sees a range of exemplary actors taking the mantle of bringing the characters to life. Tom Hardy, Leo Bill, Jessie … Read more