Keanu Reeves makes a surprising cameo in latest SpongeBob movie! Tumble in to know what role he plays!

SpongeBob SquarePants has been a part of the childhood of almost everyone. And now as adults, we are going to witness it again. The third film in the franchise The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run dropped it’s trailer this Thursday. And the trailer has a hidden gem.

Keanu Reeves, the darling of the internet makes a cameo in the animated trailer. 

The trailer starts with SpongeBob as usual with his antics amusing others. Then his friend Gary is shown. A flashback of them explains the origins of their friendship in which both the characters are young.

Then, Gary goes missing. SpongeBob pledges to find him and seeks the help of his friend Patrick. Their journey of finding the snail takes them through different places. And they stumble across The Lost City of Atlantic. 

In the fascinating and hypnotising city, the duo has fun gambling and chilling which brings some funny moments to the movie. 

Sage Keanu!

Prior to this, the two friends are roaming through the Western outpost. There the characters come across a tumbleweed. But it is no ordinary tumbleweed as it has the face of Keanu Reeves. Patrick and SpongeBob are shocked to see the tumbleweed and hug each other in fear.

Reeves introduces himself as sage since he is made of sage. And his right eyes twinkle as happens with animated characters. While Patrick shares in a matter of fact voice that he is Patrick and his name means Toaster in Celtic. But the Sage sees through it and with suspicious glances exclaims that Patrick’s assertion is not the case.

During this interaction of the two, SpongeBob looks on with a smile on his face.

Though this is not the first time a renowned actor has cameoed in the animated movies. Earlier, David Hasselhoff, Alec Baldwin, Scarlett Johansson and Antonio Banderas had appeared in the movie.

Regarding the film, the plot appears similar to that of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Though surely the funny moments would make it different. And not to forget the cameo of Keanu Reeves adds a highlight to the movie. 

Moreover, fans are hoping and wishing that the movie has the track “Gary Come Home”. Importantly, in the end, it is announced in the background that the film is not yet rated. What could it mean? Naturally, such a movie would receive the rating of PG. Then why the cryptic not rating the movie? Is it just a move to garner more publicity and increase the interest of the audience? Or is there something brewing behind the computers that the viewers are unaware of?

The latest SpongeBob Movie releases in theatres on May 22, 2020.