Demi Lovato shares the picture with new boyfriend Austin Wilson! Was it some special occasion for the announcement of the relationship? Details inside!!

Demi Lovato is not shy to express her love to the world. The 27-year-old star took to Instagram to share pics of herself with her boyfriend Austin Wilson.

The Disney star posted a black and white picture announcing her love. She captioned it with the possessive ‘My’ accompanied with a heart emoji. 

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My ❤️…

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In the pic the model is flaunting his tattooed upper half is not obscured by any vest. He has his left hand in the pocket of his lowers while his right hand is dangling around Lovato’s neck. 

Clearly, Demi has taken a mirror photograph with her smartphone held in her hand. While Wilson is kissing her sweetly. The couple’s stance is relaxed and casual showing their comfort level and familiarity with each other.

The settings and their laid back looks indicate it is home of one of them. Demi tagged the model on the photo revealing to fans his identity.

On the other hand, Wilson posted a colorful photo of the couple on his Instagram. Also, he captioned it like the Tell Me You Love Me, singer, as ‘My Love’ with a smiley face erupting with small hearts.

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My Love🥰

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In the post, Wilson is sporting hot pink hair cut close to his skull. Unlike Lovato’s post here Wilson is clicking their mirror selfie with his white iPhone.

Wilson is standing behind Demi while both are looking in the phone. Again, Wilson has his one hand wrapped around her shoulder encircling her neck. The couple looks ready to step out in their outfits. They are matching in black outfits with paired boots. Though they look ready to step out, their room looks a bit clumsy.

Al in all, the new couple cannot keep their hands off each other. The singer and model are comfortable with the touch and their embracing and kissing have shown this. 

Though no one had even a clue about their ongoing affair. Lovato suddenly dropped the news on her Instagram shocking as well as surprising everyone.

Wilson is a Los Angeles based model. The duo ran in the same friend’s circle. Also, they shared a mourning post after the death of model Thomas Trussel III.

Previously, Demi Lovato was in a casual relationship with The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson. They went on several dates but did not seek a serious relationship.

Therefore, it remains to be seen what course the relationship of the newly revealed couple takes. Would they keep on posting their photos together or it was a special occasion for the announcement of the relationship?