Does Graham Hunter of Catalan Club give us the reason to think if Lionel Messi would leave Barcelona next year? Theory vs reality??

Lionel Messi is claimed to leave Barcelona next year.  This is the announcement by one of the important authorities in Spanish football, Catalan Club, Graham Hunter.

Hunter makes the suggestion on three points.

Firstly, he assumes that Messi should desire more trophies in his waning career.

Secondly, he believes that Messi should leave the club as it has degraded in quality.

Thirdly and most importantly, Messi’s contract ends next year. And in the contract, there is a clause pertaining to his leave from the club.

However, his statement is not based on rational facts. His claims have turned out false.

Hunter portrayed his views as an Argentine. He propounded his rationality by asking if he should look on in the last two or three great years of careers. While the authorities shuffle players to revitalize and regenerate the team to bag a win in Europe.

No concrete chances!

However, if Messi tries to jump from one club to club only to win trophies, then his current club is not a bad way; in fact, it is best.

And unrealistic, however, if one’s criteria to assimilation to a club are winning trophies, then Messi is in a good place in Barcelona Club.

Even if Barcelona Club was in a sticky situation for the last three years, it did not dampen their winning streak. In fact, they won six major domestic leagues, especially the La Liga titles.

Other football teams like Paris Saint Germain and FC Bayern Munich have maintained similar streaks by winning seven trophies each.

Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool-all have titles to their names. Thus it can be said that football is an open playing field where the competition changes according to the skills and streak of the clubs. So Messi would not need to leave Barcelona to win the UEFA Champions League trophy. As the chances of each team to win are neither concrete nor too bleak.

Age is not a restriction!

Hunter’s second insistence that Messi’s fellow teammates are aging is refuted. The personality questions about Messi’s desire to connect to a more young and robust team.

Luis Suarez is signaled by Hunter as being aged and thus not the best option for Messi. However, Suarez scored eight goals until now. Conversely, this is more than his past average.

As for Griezmann not playing up to the mark, he has played decently with four goals and three assists. Even his camaraderie with Messi is all right. In fact, Messi cleared the air that he considers his fellow player as one of the best and intelligent player. Though he is adjusting, he would adjust with time in their team.

Further Hunter’s dig on Lembele not proving much profit for the team is refuted. Since 21 years old scored 14 goals, five more than Messi at the same age.

Though Barcelona’s defense was weak earning rivals 16 goals, their commanding Samuel Umtiti is back this season, which would highly improve the stats.

What is Clause of Leaving dealing with?

Hunter’s statement about the Clause of leaving in Messi’s contract is hypothetical. He argues that the leak of the said clause was done by Messi’s own team. 

He reasons that this was done to see what is the worth of Messi in other clubs. And who all would grab the opportunity to take up the talented player.

The origin of the clause in the contract pertains to Messi’s desire to play for his home, boy club, Newell’s Old Boys. Importantly, he could not play for any European club.

Thus, Messi is happy to remain with Barca until now. And wishes to finish his career in the country he is playing for.

So Hunter’s assertions should not be taken seriously without analyzing the situation properly. Still, a person at such a high authority should have been a bit more composed of what he is promoting.