People are curious and if it is Miley Cyrus PREGNANCY how can they not be? Is Cody ready to be the father?? Fake or real!! Details inside..

Miley and Cody didn’t stop people from speculating that they could be expecting a baby. They’ve been a little quiet recently, Cody and Miley have been dating since October 2019, following her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, and split from Kaitlyn Carter. Over the course of the relationship, they’ve shared many intimate moments on social media, … Read more

Dig into the net worth of the most powerful and influential female, entertainment industry has ever seen: BEYONCE

Beyonce’s life is like a goal for every single person who follows her. She is the owner of mesmerizing looks and a powerful voice. She is capable of dominating the whole music industry, single-handedly. Beyonce had been an inspiration for all the women. Hence, it will not be a surprise if Forbes says that her … Read more