People are curious and if it is Miley Cyrus PREGNANCY how can they not be? Is Cody ready to be the father?? Fake or real!! Details inside..

Miley and Cody didn’t stop people from speculating that they could be expecting a baby. They’ve been a little quiet recently, Cody and Miley have been dating since October 2019, following her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, and split from Kaitlyn Carter.

Over the course of the relationship, they’ve shared many intimate moments on social media, including lots of kissing pics and videos. But the pregnancy rumor started when Cody opened up to The Sunday Telegraph about how he’d like to return to his home country of Australia, to raise a family one day.

He said quote,” I would like to return back in Australia for sure. I miss Australia a lot. I would always have home base in LA, but Australia will always be number one.” Cody continued on and said quote,” LA makes a lot of sense for me for work, but I will always be an Aussie.” And when asked if he’d like to raise a family in Australia, he said,” absolutely, yes.”

So, since that interview, fans have been speculating about whether Cody could have been suggesting Miley was pregnant. Now, Cody has spoken out about these rumors. Cody Simpson paid a visit to the Today Show in Australia, where he gave a cheeky response when asked if they were pregnant. And after Cody jokingly said he’s been pregnant for years, he went on to explain how he handles all the rumors and speculation surrounding his relationship.

It might be frustrating being surrounded by speculation all the time, but Cody seems to have it all under control. So, it seems like Miley and Cody are not expecting at this time, but who knows what the future holds. These two are going super strong, so anything is possible down the road!