Brad Pitt Still Not Able To Get His Eldest Son, Maddox’s Attention. Will Celebrate Christmas Only With His Younger Kids!

It is looking like still the relations between Brad Pitt and his eldest son have not been settled. As the rumors state that Maddox is not coming to Brad this Christmas. Since the infamous altercation between Brad and Maddox in the plane had happened in 2016. That led to his divorce with Angelina Jolie after … Read more

Nevada man undergoes complete DNA change four years after having bone marrow transplant; Donor’s DNA found in blood and semen

Chris Long works at Washoe County Sheriff’s Department as an IT worker in Reno, Nevada. He was a common man like all of us before he had a bone marrow transplant. He was suffering from acute myeloid leukemia because of which he had to undergo a transplant. Four years after the transplant, it was found … Read more

Diabetes drug Metformin found to have carcinogenic chemical, currently under investigation.

Health authorities in Singapore recalled some Metformin supplies after they found out a small amount of NDMA in it. As they reported, the traces of NDMA are above the internationally acceptable level. NDMA or N-nitrosodimethylamine is carcinogenic that has previously caused blood pressure and heartburn medications. Metformin is widely prescribed for treating high blood glucose … Read more

Man chopped to pieces by his 19-year-old ‘adopted daughter’ and her 16-year-old boyfriend, body found in a bag floating in Arabian Sea.

A heart-wrenching story came from Mumbai when the police found a bag floating in the Arabian Sea behind Makhdoom Shah Baba Shrine near Mahin on 2nd December. The police were horrified when they found a severed leg,  a hand of a man and his private parts in the bag. In addition to this, there were … Read more

JaVale McGee threw party on foundation of JUGLIFE, teammates James and Davis rocked the party.

Recently, LeBron James and Anthony Davis showed up at a party hosted by JaVale McGee on a foundation of his brand, JUGLIFE. Its site states, ‘JUGLIFE is a lifestyle. The brand mission is to make the narrative for water consumption and conservation, more relevant and culturally appealing to youth.’ Best team in the league Mood … Read more

Young girls brutally stoned to death! How many more girls are going to get ‘Honour Killing’?

Yet another ‘honor killing’ incident took place in Pakistan where another girl was stoned to death. It had not been many days after the 6-year-old Zainab Ansari became prey of ‘Honour Killing,’ another 11-year-old girl was stoned to death in Pakistan. The incident occurred in a village of Dadu District of Sindh Province, somewhere in … Read more

So will there be a Season 4 of The Dragon Prince for real? Or it all means nothing?

After so much ongoing rumors about the development of Season 4 of The Dragon Prince , the fans have got nothing sure about its upcoming. The Dragon Prince is an animation show of genres adventure, comedy, drama, and fantasy. It premiered on Netflix on 14th September 2019 with its first episode. This show was created by Aaron … Read more