The K-pop Sensation “ENHYPEN” got Infected with Covid-19: In Self-Quarantine & Recovering

Fans prays for their favourite music group

ENHYPHEN is a South Korean boy band who made their debut in the year 2020 under BELIFT LAB. BELIFT LAB- a joint venture between Korean entertainment giants HYBE and CJ E&M. It is a group formed out of the survival of the show I-landers.

Even before the release of their music, ENHYPHEN has become one of the most popular K-pop group. Their official fandom name is ENGENE.

5 ENHYPEN Members Test Positive For COVID-19:


ENHYPHEN members started their self quarantine on August 26,2021 since they came in contact with an infected staff.

The first member to show symptoms was Jake. His symptoms includes coughing and a fever, hence he was tested and found to be COVID-19 positive. But when ENHYPHEN members were all tested the final results showed 5 members to be positive.

BELIFT LAB management announced that 5 ENHYPEN Members Test Positive For COVID-19. The affected members includes Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake and Sunghoon. This announcement made a huge worry among the ENGENES

Currently the five members are undergoing self-quarantine. Their management said that the except the affected staff all the other staffs were tested negative.


BELIFT LAB has apologized to the fans and released a statement giving complete account of the health of the Korean heartthrobs. In the statement, it was informed that the group got infected with covid-19 virus on August 26, and has been self-quarantined since. BELIFT further extended an apology to the concerned fans.

Unity among the fandom

K-Pop Fans Come Together For ENGENE

As a result of the COVID-19 positive test of the five ENHYPHEN members, many fandoms united with ENGENES to pray for their health and safety.

Pray for members of ENHYPHEN

Many ENGENE have requested to pray together with them for ENHYPHEN’s fast recovery and healing.