Grey’s Anatomy & Station 19’s shocking mid-season crossover episode

Major spoiler ahead, so don’t proceed unless you’re up to date

Following the same trend from their fall finale,  Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 have returned from their hiatus with a second powerful and highly emotional crossover. The episode consisted of the aftermath of the dramatic rescue by the off-duty Station 19 team of the two kidnapped Black teenage girls, followed by Robert and Dean’s arrest by an overzealous white cop. And lastly, viewers had to bid goodbye to one of Grey’s Anatomy‘s doctors, Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gisnniotti), as suspected from the ominous promo by AMC.


DeLuca’s final moments


In the fall finale cliffhanger, DeLuca had spotted Opal, the suspected child-trafficking kingpin in the parking lot of Grey Sloan. He, along with his sister Carina drove off behind Opal’s car. The DeLucas also got the help of Carina’s girlfriend, Station 19 captain Maya Bishop and her team to help in this operation. Opal was finally arrested, but her accomplice managed to stab DeLuca.

DeLuca was immediately rushed to Grey Sloan and his emergency surgery was successful, which was conducted by Owen and Teddy, but he later developed DIC, and despite the operators’ best efforts, died in the operating room.

A final dream


Before he died, DeLuca got to spend some time on the beach in a dream sequence with his Meredith, where he was telling her that no one ever inspired him the way she did. Their budding romance was interrupted due to the pandemic. His final words to Grey was, “You’ll be okay Meredith,” before he ran over to his mom who was waving at him ok the beach.

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