The Walking Dead Preview; Step Into The Walking Dead Universe, Know About The Release Date And Watch Its Thrilling Trailer Here!!!

The dreading and horrifying trailer of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is here. It is out on Wednesday and the trailer is looking as promising as ever. It takes into the Walking Dead universe, in the land of the dead, where you can trust no one.

The game is a horror survival game which gives you the experience of living dead, whether or you are walking dead fan, this VR game tugs you into its universe from where your escape is nonviable.

Walking Dead is the latest Virtual-Reality game from Skydance Interactive. It is one of the most awaited-game.

The shared trailer reveals the storyline of the game. The game is set in New Orleans where the Walking Dead features a different story after a three-year outbreak. The New Orleans is bloodied, streets are filled with deads.

Here the players fight for their survival not only from Zombies but also diseases, famine, and threats, violence loitering around on the streets of Walking Dead.

Creative director Adam Grantham assured that a lot of exploration could be done inside the game. He said ‘You’ll learn a bit about yourself playing the game.’

It looks like the Saint & Sinners will bring the virtual world into reality by giving enormous weapons options to the players, where the player can build his or her weapon to survive in The Dead. Don’t forget the zombie combat that too in VR to make the game thrilling and exciting.

“We wanted to make sure we had an interesting style that, when we looked at a screenshot, we could say ‘this is our game'”. Said art director Jake Geiger.

Although, it is not yet revealed by the studio on which platforms the game will be available. But it will be disclosed soon. However, we will be able to play the game from January 23 next year.