First Time Parent Safaree Nervous and Excited! But Erica Looks All Cool To Welcome The New Member!!

Erica and Safaree both lovingly shared the big news of welcoming their first love child through social media a week before their wedding on Oct 7, 2019. The pair have been dating since Nov 2018.

Safaree Samuels dated Nicki Minaj for 12 years. The couple ended the relationship while showing a lot of bitterness towards each other on social media. Minaj accused Safaree of getting a hair transplant whereas he claimed Minaj attacked him with a knife during their relationship.

Love & Hip Hop star moved on in his life and met Erica Mena, his co-star in the reality show. He proposed her and made Erica fiancée last December. Soon the pregnancy speculations made rounds when Erica’s body gave the right signals. Since they have been together, the couple were open about their plans to conceive. Erica even claimed to be consuming “ Sea Moss” to better her chances of conceiving. “ We are putting it inside our drinks and stuff,” she admitted through a live video.

Now the couple looks so excited as the wait is almost going to over soon. In the youtube video, Safaree is seen rubbing the belly with amazement but at the same time admitting that he is nervous. Second-time mommy to be Erica looks all relaxed and shared few tips of parenthood with Samuel to ease out his nervousness.

Erica is giving birth to her second child. Her first child King conde was born in 2007 by her then partner Raul Cone. After seeing their photoshoot, viewers are showering their blessings to the couple.

Safaree’s infidelity and Erica harassed by Minaj rumors have taken a back seat for the time being as Safaree and Erica are busy planning their wedding and saving all their love for the upcoming child.