The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror XXXIII Introduces ‘Death Note’ Parody

Even the original animation studio came to do the Halloween special

The Simpsons have outdone themselves this year for the Treehouse of Horror Halloween special compilation, as one of them features a parody of the popular anime Death Note. DR Movie, a South Korean animation studio that had worked on the series, will be animating this special episode as well.

The Simpsons and ‘Death Tome’

The Simpsons
20th Television

In the new clip from the Death Note version of The Simpsons, we see Lisa Simpson being the recipient of a mysterious black notebook called the “Death Tome.” The animation made sure to include a ton of Easter eggs, and we can already see the anime versions of Disco Stu and the twins Sherri and Terri. Aside from the teaser clip, we got to see three images from the special. A frame showed Disco Stu and what seems to be Ned Flanders in the background, while Homer and Marge’s anime versions grace the screen in another image. It is bizarre to see them looking like human beings. However, we are yet to see Bart and the baby.

But of course, a Death Note adaptation is not complete without the inclusion of Ryuk, the reaper that possesses the note. We have an image of Lisa being visited by the tall, pale, demon. Since it’s The Simpsons, even Ryuk can be one of the familiar characters.

Other Shorts in the Special

The Simpsons
20th Television

Series writer Carolyn Omine promised to share even more Easter Eggs on Twitter, along with the other specials being The Babadook and Westworld. The Treehouse of Horror specials was introduced in 1990 and has featured some amazing entries in the 30+ years since it happened.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXXIII Halloween special will premiere on October 30.