Steve Buscemi Dresses up as his Iconic Character from ’30 Rock’ for Halloween

Steve Buscemi asks “Trick or Treat, fellow kids?”

Steve Buscemi was one of the surprising entrants to this year’s Halloween celebrations. The veteran star dressed up as himself from NBC‘s sitcom, 30 Rock, and was spotted handing out candy from a Park Slope area on Sunday night. Onlookers were quick to identify that the actor was dressed up as one of his most iconic characters.

Buscemi’s role

Steve Buscemi in 30 Rock

Steve Buscemi, 63, had appeared in a special episode in the hit sitcom 30 Rock. He played a police officer in one of the episodes, and spoke about going undercover at a school. The scene was meant to be a 4-second throwaway joke of him trying to blend in at school, but messing up straight away by saying, “How do you do, fellow kids?”

But the scene went on to become big in the meme community, and was typically used to laugh at people trying hard but failing to relate to a younger generation. Buscemi knows how big the meme is, since its been brought up in many talk shows. And that could be why he decided to entertain the community.

The actor dressed up in the red tracksuit, red cap, and gray t-shirt with “Music Band” written on it. His prediction came right, because the youngsters loved it.

The tweets

Steve Buscemi

Stella Wexler Rush, one of the lucky fans who met the actor in Brooklyn took a selfie and her mother posted it on Twitter. When the youngster said she recognized him, he joked, “Oh wild. That’s crazy!” before handing out candies. She added that he wouldn’t agree to a photo until she and her group guessed who he was supposed to be.

Steve Buscemi’s neighborhood was relatively quiet, and not many people were present. However, the tweet trended like wildfire and a huge part of the world knows about it.