Squid Game Star ‘Park Hae-soo’ to Play Berlin in Korean Remake of Money Heist – Announcement Video Out

From being debt-ridden to robbing banks

Netflix’s Korean remake of Money Heist has started its marketing and a new announcement trailer dropped on Tuesday. It had Squid Game star Park Hae-soo talking about playing Berlin in the remake.

Andrés “Berlin” de Fonollosa, played by Pedro Alonso was one of the fan-favourite characters in the series and had stayed relevant throughout the series, even after his death. As the original Spanish heist drama comes to an end on December 3, we will have the Korean remake, as well as a spin-off on Berlin to look forward to.

Park Hae-soo’s message

Pedro Alonso and Park Hae Soo

Park Hae-soo, 39, began by saying how fans had shown their love for the series for the past five years, and hopes the Korean series also receives the same love and support. He held a mask resembling the iconic masks worn by the robbers in the original, and said that Pedro had given it to him. He also teased that they will have their own version of the mask, meaning we can expect to see something different, both in masks and outfits.

Park promised to portray Berlin well, and said he wanted to thank the cast and crew for the amazing work they had done. He signed off by saying more news about the series will come in 2022.

The show’s success and cast


Before Squid Game became a worldwide phenomenon, Money Heist had been one of Netflix’s prized possessions. However, the show still retains all its glory and fans are waiting impatiently for the final season to drop.

Aside from Park Hae-soo, the Korean series will have Yoo Ji-tae (HealerMad Dog) as the Professor, Jun Jong-Seo (The CallBurning) as Tokyo, Lee Hyun-woo (The Beauty Inside) as Rio, Lee Won-Jong as Moskow, Kim Ji-hoon (Flower Of Evil) as Denver, Jang Yoon-ju (Korea’s Next Top Model) as Nairobi, and Kim Ji-hoon (The 12th Suspect) and Lee Kyu-Ho (Healer) as brothers Helsinki and Oslo.