Sons of the Forest: Here’s a First Look at the Open World Horror Survival Game

A world that offers tribute to a number of classic horror movies

Endnight Games has just went above and beyond to offer the ultimate horror experience with their new horror survival game, Sons of the Forest. The first trailer is out, and it already looks like the nightmarish beings we have seen in Hollywood movies in the ’80s and ’90s have been rounded up and dumped inside a big forest.

Let’s take a look at the trailer.

Trailer breakdown

Sons of the forest
Endnight Games

The trailer doesn’t open with a cinematic, nor do we see the player crashing into the forest. Instead, they dive straight into the survival action. We see the player making their way to the beach, setting up a tent, making hunting gear, and hunting the first thing they see – a turtle in this case. The next frame shows bodies skewered through wooden stakes and left on the cliffs near the beach, as gulls fight to get a taste. The player eventually goes back to the forest and comes across the real threats.

We are taken through a trip down memory lane after seeing some of the creatures that roam the island. Creatures resembling the ones from The Thing or The Human Centipede pop up from the bushes. Conjoined bodies without legs, giant snake-like torsos, beings with no arms, but a gaping chest with an open rib cage resembling teeth, and many vampire-like creatures, minus the wings can be seen.

The game’s origin

Sons of the forest
Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest is a sequel to the hit 2014 indie title, The Forest, which had similar mutated creatures. The first game featured a plane crash, while the second has a helicopter crash, before the player finds themselves in the island. The graphics have greatly improved, with more enhanced weather effects, weapons crafting, and survival options.

Sons of the Forest will be available on PC on may 20, 2022.