SHOCKING!! Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Calls Out Mom Barbara “TOXIC” On Instagram!!

The pair have been at odds for years, with occasional reconciliations

Jenelle Evans, now known as Jenelle Eason, a former cast member of Teen Mom 2, dropped a fresh bombshell in July 2022 as a reel on Instagram on Sunday, shedding light on some new drama between her and her mother. The Teen Mom 2 alum is now calling her mother Barbara a “toxic parent.” The pair were feuding over the custody of Jenelle’s son Jace for years.

Drama Between Barbara and Jenelle Evans

Janelle Evans
Janelle Evans/Instagram

Jenelle Evans first accused her mother of neglecting her “accomplishments.” She said that she had been the happiest she has ever been in her life, and that it sucks that none of her accomplishments had been acknowledged by her mother. She added, “And I just keep my mouth shut.”

In the clip, we also see messages popping up, saying that Barbara was talking about her behind her back. One said “Your mom was talking sh!t about you” and another one read, “Did you see what your mom said about you?”

So this brings us to the next question:What was Barbara’s opinion on Jenelle?

Jenelle’s mother recently visited Los Angeles and met with the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant cast, where she was overheard offering advise to the young mothers.

Barbara said, “I’m going to give you some advice,” as reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “Do not lose your money, and do not, I repeat, do not get drawn into this fame.”

“Avoid becoming enamored with celebrity; it will ruin your life. Farrah experienced what Farrah did. She’s an absolute mess,” she added.

“Even Jenelle spent a lot of money on everything for her lovers, including vehicles, boats, and other items. What the f-k are you doing? Before saying that she invested her riches, the former reality star added.

Brief Reconciliation

Janelle Evans

Jenelle and Barbara’s relationship has been challenging.

The two had already gone through numerous ups and downs over the years, chiefly over custody of Jenelle’s son Jace, before Jenelle made public accusations against her mother in July 2022. Jace is a child of the North Carolina native’s ex-partner Andrew Lewis. She also shares daughter Ensley with her husband David Eason and son Kaiser with her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

Barbara told TMZ in January 2021 that she had “complete custody” of Jace. In a video she released that month on TikTok, Jenelle swiftly refuted that.

At that point, the mother of three was heard saying in the video, “Now she’s trying to make me look like a dumbass.” “Now she’s going back on everything.”

Jenelle told Us Weekly that she would “never” want Barbara to leave Jace’s life in spite of the heated confrontation.

She admitted as much in March 2021, “I know I’ve said it before, but that was when I was young and crazy. Despite how much I loathe my mother, I realize how crucial it is for Jace to have that relationship.

Jenelle’s husband and Barbara Evans’ relationship was tumultuous.

In addition to their dispute over Jace’s custody, Barbara and Jenelle’s husband, David, were at differences. The 16 & Pregnant star, though, exclusively discussed their evolving relationship with In Touch.

As of right now, they are not at odds with one another, Jenelle stated in April 2020. It gives me great joy. Right now, [we] get along quite well. Because we don’t worry about what’s “good or wrong” when it comes to living our lives and what will be shown about us on TV, I believe we get along better than ever.

She also mentioned how, from 2011 until 2019, while they were on Teen Mom 2, her mother was “always focused about satisfying the producers.” We’d start arguing over that, I think.

Eight months later, Barbara, David, and Jenelle even posed for family Christmas pictures with Jenelle’s kids, appearing to put an end to the earlier disagreement.

In Touch contacted Barbara for comment, but she didn’t react right away.