Is is Rapper sick?? D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins Collapses On Stage During Missouri Concert

Ying Yang Twins rapper D-Roc was immediately carried off by security

D-Roc collapsed on stage during the Ying Yang Twins’ performance at a Vanilla Ice event. While D-Roc and Kaine, the other member of the duo, were performing on stage at the Ozark Empire Fair in Missouri over the weekend, the tragic incident took place. The rapper reportedly passed out as security personnel rushed to assist him, according to TMZ.

Speaking of musicians collapsing in mid-performance, Carlos Santana’s fans were frightened when, in July 2022, he lost consciousness. Heather McDonald, a comedian, cracked his skull in February 2022 after experiencing a similar tragedy while performing. Fans of K-pop expressed their worry when singer Wonho had a minor issue on stage in November 2002. He had collapsed on stage while playing. Several witnesses related how BTS members collapsed behind the scenes in 2017 after a demanding practice session in March 2020.

Is Ying Yang Twins member D-Roc okay?

D-Roc from the Ying Yang Twins’ Instagram page denied the accusations that he passed out because it was so hot, contrary to what was initially thought to be the case. While he continued to drink water, he acknowledged in the video that it did not actually help. He thanked his followers in an Instagram post with the caption, “Thank you to everyone who has called, messaged, or reached out in any way to check on me.” I’m doing great. Ontario, CA We’ll see you at the Saturday night 00s Playlist Concert.

What caused D-Roc to collapse?


D-Roc took to Instagram to tell fans what went on and to assure everyone that he was okay. The rapper said that it was very hot in the area, 84 degrees to be exact, but the temperature was particularly high on stage. He kept telling his managers about the heat and kept on drinking water. But pretty soon, he collapsed, and when he woke up, he was on a golf cart leaving the venue.

D-Roc went on to say that he is all good now, and even shared a clip from his performance on Saturday. He didn’t specify if he went to the hospital, but said he drank plenty of water and Gatorade (a sports drink) until he was better.

Other Controversy

Ying Yang concert

The Ying Yang Twins were performing with Vanilla Ice at the Ozark Empire Fair, but some controversy took place. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mark McCloskey used one of Vanilla Ice’s pictures without permission for a campaign on Thursday, July 28. He urged visitors to join “team McCloskey” and made a reference to the upcoming concert.

Ice’s manager was forced to intervene and let people know that he is in no way connected to McCloskey. When reached out, McCloskey said that it was not his intention to make Vanilla Ice was supporting his campaign.

Meanwhile, here is the clip of D-Roc being carried away from the stage.