Queer Eye: Netflix Announces Season 6 with a Fun-filled and Heart-warming Trailer!

The gang is heading to Texas this time in Queer Eye

Netflix has just announced the renewal of their hit reality series Queer Eye with an all-new trailer. The Fab 5 are back, and this time, they will be heading to Texas to help 10 Texans love themselves even more.

The trailer

Queer Eye

“We’re in Texas everybody!,” an excited Jonathan Van Ness exclaims in Queer Eye’s trailer. Van Ness, along with Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, and Tan France embark on a new adventure to help residents of the lone star state overcome their personal difficulties.

The start of the trailer has the gang talking about the pandemic, and Van Ness states that maybe America is in the process of healing. We move on to the residents who will be getting assistance from the gang, and have them share their 2020 problems, and how it affected them emotionally and financially.

We will be getting 10 45-minute episodes for each of the 10 residents. It begins with Tammy, a “two step dance instructor at her family-owner honky-tonk.” Next comes Josh, who is described as someone who is wonderful and charming, but “does not shower half the time.” We also get to see another person’s gender transition coming up in this season. The lady says that she had always been confused about herself and her body, and took 20 years to realize that she needed to transition. An ardent weight-lifter, she states that everyone except her father was proud of her.

Queer Eye

The gang are also seen going to a high-school prom, a man who is dealing with the loss of his wife, and a bakery on the verge of shutting down. It’s evident that viewers will be shedding tears this time as well.

Release date

Queer Eye, which had won an Emmy award for Outstanding Reality program from 2018 to 2021, will release exclusively on Netflix on December 31. Check out the trailer below.