My Hero Academia Season 6 Teases Deadly Fight For Hawks

Hawks vs. Dabi is happening

My Hero Academia Season 6 has started, and the war between the Hero Association and League of Villains is heating up. The first few episodes of the season were different fights between characters, but something exciting is on the horizon – Hawks vs. Dabi.

Let’s read on to know what to anticipate.

My Hero Academia – The Season So Far

Hawks in My Hero Academia
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Season 6 of My Hero Academia saw Hawks’ espionage in the enemy territory being kicked into high gear. Hawks had targeted Twice as he was the first hurdle in front of the heroes, in dire need of getting eliminated. But unknown to him, Dabi had been keeping an eye due to his naturally suspicious personality and was looking for Hawks to make a misstep to burn his wings.

Episode 116, or My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 3 saw Hawks clearing the path for the other heroes to launch their attack. His focus on Twice was because the latter could use his Double quirk to outnumber the heroes. Dabi comes in, not just to take out Hawks, but to save Twice from being taken down in seconds. Dabi says that he had not trusted Hawks since the start, even when the others at the Paranormal Liberation Front were okay with Hawks weaseling his way in, conveniently before the heroes began their attack.

Dabi vs. Hawks

My Hero Academia

In no time, Dabi burns through the majority of Hawks’ wings, saying he was the worst opponent he could fight. Not only is Hawks against his toughest match yet, he does not have the room to fly around and attack since aerial combat is his specialty. Since Twice is out of the room, Dabi can unleash even more heat and burn everything without worrying about another life.

How excited are you for the next episode of My Hero Academia?