BTS, the popular K-pop band, set to enlist for Military Starting With Jin

K-Pop powerhouse BTS is enlisting in the military services

South Korea’s most successful K-pop band, “BTS,” will enter the military, beginning with their eldest and BTS’s soul, Jin, according to their agency on Monday.

Image: AP

Jin will be the first to enlist

Seokjin, 29, World Wide Handsome’s military duty has been delayed as long as feasible, and he will rescind the request to further delay the services. Jin will enlist to join the military on October 1, 2022, and will undergo the required recruitment processes.

jin / Instagram

The other members will also join the military according to their plans, and they will be seen as a group again in 2025, having completed their respective service responsibilities, according to HYBE management.

Photo by Reuters/Maria Alejandra Cardona

Military Service and Exemption

Whenever there is an emergency or a need to defend South Korea against North Korea, all men who are healthy and of legal age must enlist in the military for around eighteen to twenty months. People who have contributed in many ways to South Korea, such as Olympic and Asian Games medalists, top-placed classical musicians, and dancers who have won major awards in famous contests, have served for shorter terms or received exemptions.

They have done a lot for the nation in terms of popularity, and they have even assisted in the financial and economic growth of the nation. Some lawmakers had thought they should be exempted.


K-pop celebrities typically aren’t eligible for the exemption, and postponing enlistment in the military might result in incarceration. The National Assembly of South Korea has been debating the exemption for the global sensation boy band for a very long time, which has caused disagreements on the subject.

According to the Minister of the National Assembly, BTS members who join the military will be permitted to go abroad with the rest of the band on group tours, but the group has already made preparations to work on separate projects. They still performs as a unit for Run BTS and other joint events. They were last spotted together in Busan, where they performed a free concert.

We wish them well in completing their military duty and look forward to their reuniting to captivate the world with their incredible performances.