Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Rekindling their romance?? Is it true or not. Check out the reason behind there Sparking fumes!!

It seems that there are a lot of rumors flying around regarding the reunion of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, and It’s for sure that one of the rumors have gone way too far. Let’s try to dig a little bit deeper into this scenario.

The whole thing is just a hoax, as it turns out that they are nowhere close to getting together. The gossip started that they have been in communication since the SAG award show, and they had their first date at Sony Studios, where they are working on a movie together.

But, The truth is they never get together, and they were for their individual projects and for now and then the rumor of the second date was all in the air by suggesting that the couple had dinner in Malibu and on the name of proof certain magazines and news sites used a fake picture of them being together. Still, they never mentioned the restaurant in which they had dinner.

And, After the news continued that after taking a long stroll, both of them kissed, which was again a false statement given by the magazines. There are still a lot of rumors going on around their personal life, which are just fabricated by these media personalities.

Yet, there are fans who want them to be together as the SAG photo of them being meeting again with each other was something to look, and from that day people are trying hard to make the couple to unite again, but then again we can just do one thing and, i.e., wait.

So, People be patient about the couple and hope that we could be able to see both of them not only together in life but also together in movies and of course, in magazines them being as a couple.