From Game to Movie “Uncharted” has come far and Tom Holland is very excited for the shoot to start!! Shooting date confirmed??

Gaming Movies are always a kind of hit and trial when it comes to the box office and the story also remains quite unstable as they need to choose the perfect story lineup, cast, and a perfect background too. And it seems that “Uncharted” is also facing the same problem for some time but now … Read more

Big Mouth season 4 is all the way set to Netflix?? Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s confirmed that “Big Mouth” is going to be renewed for its 4th season. So get ready for some adult comedy by young teenagers and stories of teen problems from these sharp and witty youngsters. “Big Mouth” is a series which has already renewed for six seasons by Netflix and the season 3 of the … Read more

“Sandman” is going to become a Netflix original. Here’s what everything you need to know about the upcoming series by Neil Gaiman.

Well, At last, it’s confirmed that “The Sandman” is going to be on Netflix and it looks like Neil Gaiman is pretty hyped about the show as the author of “American Gods” which was also adapted as a Netflix series seems very passionate about the whole thing. The series hasn’t announced any kind of official … Read more

It seems that Bojack Horseman is all set to be back for season 7. Let’s try to dig a little deeper.

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“Good Girls” Season 4 might not happen!! Is it because of Coronavirus?? Here is what everything you need to know about them

 “Good Girls” are on NBC for its third season, It was pretty obvious to have the show for the 3rd season as the trio was never ceased to amaze us with their humor and crazy attitude. It’s was released on 16 Feb 2020, and the season has 16 episodes more than 13 episodes, which were … Read more

“Gracie and Frankie”, Is Marta Kaufman is really sure about season 7 or there are some other plan in place??

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It seems that “A Discovery of Witches” is coming back for a second season, but Coronavirus can be a hindrance??

“A Discovery of Witches” is all set for a second season and it seems that it’s renewed for two more seasons by Sky One. The plot of the series will be for sure going to widen as the creators are going to use Deborah Harkness’s All Souls trilogy is going to be a the centre … Read more

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Rekindling their romance?? Is it true or not. Check out the reason behind there Sparking fumes!!

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