It seems that “A Discovery of Witches” is coming back for a second season, but Coronavirus can be a hindrance??

“A Discovery of Witches” is all set for a second season and it seems that it’s renewed for two more seasons by Sky One.

The plot of the series will be for sure going to widen as the creators are going to use Deborah Harkness’s All Souls trilogy is going to be a the centre plot of the series and in the upcoming series they are going to follow the books, “Shadow of Night” and “The Book of Life”.

The exact date of release is still not announced but it seems that the show is going to be coming more sooner than we can expect as Palmer has said in her interview that “As, I was pregnant for some months which lagged behind the shooting but no need to wait anymore as the shooting is going great”, After certain days a post on social media announced that only 2 weeks are left for the shoot.

Season 2 is mostly going to shoot in the places where “Harry Potter” and “Doctor Who” which was mostly Britain and parts of Wales as per the photos we were able to see on social media regarding the shoot of the season.

The season 2 is going to feature the same cast as previous and definitely there will be members of the cast who are going to be there in small roles but the most exciting question is the fact that are they going to have some plans regarding joining of new members by the end of Season 2.

So, It all leads to just one thing and that is that the show is going to be there but for now only on “Sky One” and “Now Tv” as there are no other channels have been announced where we can see the upcoming season.

But, due to Coronavirus, we can expect a delay as everyone is avoiding any kind of gathering.