Hunter x Hunter Volume 37 Shares Incredible Trailer, Exciting Visuals

We are closer to the highly anticipated return of the manga

Hunter x Hunter is returning, and we have the first look at the upcoming volume 37 of the manga. The series, despite being brilliant, has had lengthy gaps in between, with the latest one lasting 3 years.It was understandable since author Yoshihiro Togashi was in poor health. But he is back in action, and his apparent recovery is even more cause for celebration. Even the trailer that has been released seemed high-octane.

Hunter x Hunter: The Succession Contest Arc

Hunter x Hunter

The last hiatus of Hunter x Hunter happened in between the Succession Contest arc. The new arc is already one of the best arcs in the series, and the epicness had just been turned up. Everything happens inside a massive boat known as the Black Whale, where the princes of Kakin are holding a battle royale to determine the next ruler of their country. 14 princes are taking part, with each getting their time to shine. However, it also means readers will be hit hard when any of them get killed.

Kurapika is featured in this arc, after being away from the scene for a long time. He is the bodyguard of the youngest prince, Woble. In the meantime, the Phantom Troupe is in the midst of a manhunt for Hisoka after he killed two of their members.

The Trailer

Hunter x Hunter

Instead of giving us a tease, the new Hunter x Hunter trailer showed us many important events that the 2011 reboot had and ended at the present. There is no special mention of events or characters, just images, so don’t be scared if you haven’t been up to date. But for the readers who had been dying for the new chapter, it will definitely jog their memories and pick up where the Succession Contest arc left off.

Hunter x Hunter volume 37 is currently out.