Ex-Army Ranger inserts five bullets inside his wife: Killed her in front of their two children.


This past month, in July, Georgia witnesses a case of domestic violence, and this incident does not have a good ending. On July 29, Amy Alexandria Gibson, mother of two young children, ages 5 and 8, fled from her home due to an extreme case of domestic violence and was trying to get help. Amy fled with her two children, afraid for her life, first to a nearby elementary school and then to Dawson County Fire Station No. 7, hoping to get some help.

Amy, 44, was followed by her abusive husband, Jeremy Wade Gibson, 44, who caught her at the fire station and shot her with a Glock Model 19 9mm handgun when she got out of the car and was going inside the fire station. She died on the spot, in front of the fire station before anyone could help her. One of the bullets from Jeremy’s gun went through Amy’s phone and hit her in the head. The two young children of the couple were present in the back seat of the car and witnessed the shooting.

Last Wednesday, the Georgia firefighters testified in court about having heard a frantic woman screaming followed by gunshots. “He pulled in behind, exited the vehicle. He then approached on the driver’s side, attempted to open the driver’s side door. It was locked. At that point, he drew his firearm and shot three to four times.” There were two more children present at the Dawson County Fire Station at the time of the shooting, on tour of the facilities. Amy’s murder case has been moved ahead, by Judge Lisa Thurmond, who has found probable causes to charge Jeremy on the charge of murdering his wife. Jeff Moore, the fireman who testified, shared how when he had approached Jeremy, he was calm and without any emotion. Jeremy shot at Amy five times.

Jeremy Gibson used to be an Army Ranger. Jeremy claimed in court that he had caught Amy sexually assaulting their children in front of the school on that night of the incident. However, security footage proved that Jeremy Gibson could not have seen so. Jeremy has been charged on the accounts of murder, aggravated assault, first-degree cruelty, and firearms charges.
Amy had before the incident moved out of the family house. She had previously tried to get a restraining order, but no one helped her out, shared another friend of her. This was corroborated by Dawson County Sherriff, who said that the suspect had never been arrested. Amy had even called 911 on the day seeking help. She was shot while she was on the call.
Domestic violence is a big problem; speaking up about the issue and taking actions to help victims of abuse is essential. For assistance and volunteering opportunities, please contact local community centers, police station, or any women’s association.


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