Mark Zuckerberg would not be happy reading this: Girlfriend kicked by her ‘Greatly Intelligent’ boyfriend for not giving her Facebook login details.


Sharing things when one is in a relationship is common. These ‘things’ may or may not include social media passwords. However, this is not how Oscar Blackhall viewed his and his girlfriend’s relationship.

Oscar Blackhall.

Recently a case has been put up in the court of States where Oscar Blackall, a 20-year-old, has been accused of beating his girlfriend, Alyshia Connorton, and kicking her for not letting him know the password her Facebook account.

Blackall could not bear the judge’s description of how he ill-treated Alyshia to know where she was all this time and broke into tears. The court was also informed about him losing his disposition when his girlfriend went to another room for watching a movie all by herself. Following this, Blackall intentionally twisted and broke her laptop. Judge Emma Nott, at the Reading Crown Court, confronted the man on how he had repeatedly beaten Connorton with a hammer in a ‘methodical manner’ and forced her to let him know about her account login details. The judge’s statements against Blackall stated, ‘While it is right that you caused no fractures, the sustained assault with a hammer left bruising followed by kicking, effectively leaving the victim black and blue.’

The defense lawyer held before the court that Blackall was behind bars for 55 days. He added that ‘no serious injuries’ had been reported from the side of the victim. The judge disregarded the appeal and stated that the assault was deliberate which he had begun with the hammer and ended with his kicks. The victim underwent ‘multiplicity of injuries.’ The requirement of medical help was enough to find the culprit guilty of more significant harm.

However, in her statement, Connorton expressed her boyfriend to be ‘greatly intelligent, caring person with an incredibly bright future.’ She appealed that Blackall should be sentenced leniently. She further added that she would like Blackall to be helped with his anger management.


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