Elon Musk Brings Up Feud With Jeff Bezos By Mocking Amazon’s ‘Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power’

“Tolkien is turning around in his grave”

Elon Musk makes headlines by taking a jab at his billionaire rival Jeff Bezon by mocking one of his products – Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Musk had some pretty harsh accusations to give about the show, which had debuted its first two episodes on September 4.

Let’s read in detail below.

What did Elon Musk critique?

Elon Musk

Elon Musk initially tweeted to his 105 million followers on Monday, saying that Tolkien is turning in his grave. He followed this by saying that every male character in the show so far is a coward, a jerk, or both. He followed it up with some praise for the female lead Galadriel, saying she’s brave, smart, and nice. The Elvan character was initially played by Kate Blanchett and is currently played by Morfydd Clark.

Meanwhile, the series premiered on Prime Video this Friday with the first two episodes. It drew in 25 million viewers worldwide, and Bezon had triumphantly tweeted “Go Middle-earth!” The reviews for the show looked mostly mixed, with some praising the characters, soundtrack, and story, while others criticized the slowness and characters.

Musk vs. Bezos

The Rings of Power
Amazon Prime

Bezos had appeared with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez on the show’s red carpet event, and it was a surprise to everyone. After all, this is the most expensive show ever made, with a budget of $1 billion, with the aim to surpass Netflix and HBO. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is a self-proclaimed book enthusiast. In 2009, he had said that as a young boy growing up in South Africa, he read books to combat loneliness. Among them were The Lord of the Rings and the Foundation series.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos also have a history of locking horns, and last year, the Tesla founder joked that he would send Bezos a silver medal after her surpassed Bezos to be the world’s richest man.

Either way, it won’t be bad to have patience for the direction The Rings of Power goes.