Britney Spears’ ex-husband Reveals Reasons Behind his Interviews as Sam Asghari Continues to Comfort the Singer

Britney Spears ex-husband spills more beans

Following the bombshell claims made by her ex-husband Kevin Federline that her children don’t want to meet her, Sam Asghari has “totally” had Britney Spears’ back.

After shocking Fed’s interview with Daily Mail “knocked the wind” out of the singer, her husband has been attempting to cheer her up.

Britney Spears

Sean and Jayden Federline, two songs that Britney Spears have with her ex-husband when the the singer was married from 2004 to 2006, decided not to meet their mother, Federline claimed in a recent interview.

After everything she has done over the years to assist Kevin, Britney is “so wounded and in astonishment” that he would attack her in this way, an insider told Hollywood Life.

Britney Spears is devastated

The source continued that the whole incident has really taken her breath away, but fortunately she has the backing of her husband Sam Asghari since he’s absolutely had her back in all through it.

Britney Spears | Sam Asghari


The aspiring actor and personal trainer attacked Federline on his Instagram story after the interview, ordering him to “keep my wife’s name out of your mouth.”

Sam Asghari has also been a steadfast support for his wife, “doing whatever he can to cheer her up and just help her get through this extremely painful time,” in addition to the other things mentioned.

As her spouse, he is furious that Kevin would purposefully try to undermine her and has pledged to stop it. Right now, his only goal is to pick Britney back up and support her through everything, the person said.

Britney Spears | Sam Asghari

Sam has always been an upbeat individual who sees the positive side of everything, and this circumstance is no exception. Sam has been Britney’s rock and will always be the most devoted spouse he is capable of being, the source said.

The insider revealed to a media outlet that he lets her rant and he is standing up for her too at the same time. He is also encouraging her to get her feelings out in the gym, that is the how he handles life when the going gets rough and he has Britney doing the same.