Drake and Kanye West to Host Concert for Former Gang Leader Larry Hoover’s Freedom from Prison

Hoover is currently serving six life sentences

Drake and Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) have squashed their beef and will now be uniting for a benefit concert in December, called free “Free Larry Hoover.”

West announced the event on Instagram, saying both he and Drake will be performing at the Lose Angeles Coliseum on December 9. He captioned it, “God’s Plan,” referencing the hit song by Drake.

Who is Larry Hoover?

J Prince, Drake and Kanye

Hoover is the co-founder of Gangster Disciples, and was found guilty of murder, extortion, and money laundering among other charges. He was imprisoned in 1997 and is currently serving six life sentences at United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Security Facility in Florence, Colorado. Ye had been a supporter of Hoover, and had been trying to get him out on mercy plea. He even approached former president Donald Trump in 2018, but was unsuccessful.

With Hoover’s son

Drake and Kanye

Earlier this week, West and Drake was found at a benefit show in music executive J Prince’s house, and Kanye proposed the idea to bring awareness to this matter. Donda Singer was talking about “how much more we can accomplish when we lay our pride aside and come together.” The duo are also friends with Hoover’s son Larry Hoover Jr. Hoover Jr. also appeared in a song from Donda called “Jesus Lord” and he talked about the effect his father’s arrest had on the rest of the family.

Hoover Jr, along with West and Drake believes that the senior Hoover was unjustly incarcerated and with this concert they can advocate for his release, and also make everyone who had a loved one wrongly arrested to come together. He ended the statement by saying, “Free my father!”

Ticket sales for West’s first show in five years starts on November 22 at 10 am.