Evil Dead Rise: The upcoming Bloody and Gory Horror film is Set for Next Year Release!

The movie is set to arrive in 2022

Evil Dead first came out in 2019, and had been a cult classic. The Sam Raimi-directorial was the first of many horror comedies, and inspired movies like Shaun of the Dead and Cabin in The Woods. With this new project, Raimi sits back as the producer while Lee Cronin (A Hole in the Ground) takes the reigns as writer and director. Now, Evil Dead Rise is set for the next year.

But what will Evil Dead Rise be about?

The story

Evil Dead
Sutherland & Sullivan: AP; Evil Dead: Everett Collection

Cronin sarcastically wrote on Twitter that Evil Dead Rise will be a “heartwarming and tender family drama.” Now, if you’re familiar with the stories, you must know that this franchise is known for the bloodbath and gore.

The story takes place in a cramped apartment in LA, where a woman named Ellie stays with her three children. Ellie gets a visit from her younger sister Beth, but the happy reunion is cut short after a mysterious book is found in her building. There was a similar book in the other movies as well. And just like that, the book ended up being a gateway to another dimension through which blood-thirsty demons started coming out, and it became a primal battle for survival.

A reboot or not?

Evil Dead
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Evil Dead Rise is definitely a reboot, and we won’t be seeing the classic hero Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) show up. In fact, Campbell is on board the project as a producer. The movie has Alyssa Sutherland (Vikings) as Ellie, and Lily Sullivan (Mental) as Beth. It additionally stars Mia Challis, Morgan Davies, Gabriella Echols, and Nell Fisher.

We are also not aware if the movie will be a horror comedy or just pure horror, like the 2013 reboot. It will be available on select theatres and will arrive straight to HBO Max on the same day as well.