Demon Slayer: What are the Main Differences Between the Manga and Anime in Season 2?

That’s a wrap with the Entertainment District

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2 recently wrapped up. Season 2 was split into two parts, with the Endless Train arc and the Entertainment District arc. In the 11 episodes of the Entertainment District arc, they covered 30 chapters of the manga with very little being left out. But let’s take a closer look and see what we have missed.

Omitted parts

Demon Slayer

Our three demon slayers and Nezuko had carried out this mission with the Sound Hashira Uzui Tengen. Tengen’s weapon of choice is a set of dual Nichirin cleavers that are connected by a chain. In the manga, there is always a dialogue box that explains characters or weapons. Tengen’s swords packs explosive power, and until Daki and Gyutaro, nobody had survived them. Unfortunately, the anime does not have a narrator, so we missed this interesting and informative explanation.

In fact, this was the only omission from the manga in the entire arc.

Anime-only parts

Demon Slayer

Ufotable truly knows how to cater to the fans. Season 2 of Demon Slayer contained several anime-only scenes. In the manga, the Entertainment District arc begins with Tanjiro meeting Tengen at the mansion. He had returned after fighting a spidery demon off-page. But that part was included in the anime, and fans got to see Tanjiro and Nezuko in a tag team.

Next, the manga shows the boys go straight for the Wisteria House at Yoshiwara. But the anime has a funny scene of Inosuke and Zenitsu being brats, and Tengen looking fed up. We later see him chasing his out-of-control minions around the streets. This was a great way to build up a dynamic between the characters.

Finally, the anime showed a new scene of Tengen and his wives at the Uzui family grave. It makes it clear that he and his wives have a great relationship. It fleshes out his character more as he fights the Upper-Rank demon. This scene also fools audiences into thinking he will lose his life.