Ashley Reyes To Join Jared Padalecki in the Walker

Ashley Reyes to pair with Jared Padalecki!

Ashley Reyes joined the CW drama series, Walker, as the lead character and will be seen opposite Jared Padalecki. Now as she joined the force, Padalecki will have a permanent company now.

Reyes, who appeared in the hit series How I Met Your Father and American Gods, all set to make a grand entrance in the Walker series as well. Her first episode premiered on March 3 titled ‘Nudge’.

Ashley Reyes
Ashley Reyes/Instagram

After Lindsey Morgan left the show due to her personal reasons, producers began looking for a replacement. Morgan played Mickey Ramirez, who happens to be Walker’s companion. But Reyes will play Walker’s new partner Cassie instead of playing Mickey.

About her character 

Cassie’s character has an interesting backstory. She lives in Dallas, Texas, serving as a state trooper for more than 8 years. Cassie is unconventional, quick, and always up to the mark. She is the only woman in the field and instead of all odds, she is always ready to prove herself that she is better than any other trooper out there.

Ashley Reyes
Ashley Reyes/Instagram

About the series 

The CW series is a hit with fans because they loved watching Walker and his sharp mind solve complicated problems. Walker followed the story of Cordell Walker, a Texas Ranger, whose character was played by Padalecki. He was the widowed father of his two children and has a strong moral code. Walker returned to Austin after serving two years as undercover.

In Season 2 we see the Walker family and their friends try to move past the problems they faced in the previous season. They will also come face to face with their past demons, but they do not realize that an unknown voyeur is watching over them and their troubles will soon begin.