Adele Announces Las Vegas Residency, Titled ‘Weekends With Adele’

Ticket sales to start from December 7

Adele is back with a surprise announcement. She will be the next huge star to have a Las Vegas concert residency, titled Weekends With Adele. 

In celebration with the release of her new album 30, Adele will be holding concerts at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Hotel between January 21 and April 16, 2022. There will be two shows every weekend, and ticket sales will begin on December 7.

Why a Vegas show?

Adele's head photoshopped onto Liberace

She admitted that she is not very good at travelling around the world for tour performances. She added that applause makes her feel a bit vulnerable, and that she had toured in the past just for her fans. Currently, she is unsure if she’s going to tour again. Her last tour was in 2017, and two shows from that had to be cancelled due to her damaged vocal chords.

The Grammy-winning artist currently lives in Los Angeles, which is relatively closer to Vegas, and hence reduces the pressures of international touring. One more reason is that The Colosseum is a relatively smaller venue, with seating capacity of 4,100. This works well for the singer, who likes to chat in between her performances, and having a small venue ensures that her audiences get to hear her properly.

Recent performances


The singer had taken the music industry and social media by storm after returning with 30. She gave a special performance hosted by CBS, followed by a chat with Oprah, where she discussed her life, her career, and everything she had been doing during her hiatus. A recent reunion with her old schoolteacher had also gone viral.

Adele follows entertainers like Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Céline Dion, Britney Spears and Elton John who had done Vegas residencies.