Clayton Echard from The Bachelorette Locked as the New Lead for ‘The Bachelor’ Season 26

The new season will premiere in 2022

ABC has confirmed their next Bachelor!

This time, it will be Clayton Echard, who was a contestant in Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, and will be the lead star in season 26 of the popular reality dating show.

Echard’s elimination


Clayton, 28, was eliminated on the November 23 episode of The Bachelorette, and closely missed his chance of being in the final four. During his first one-on-one date with Michelle, she revealed that she wasn’t ready to meet his family. On his way back, Echard said that he had been closed off for so long, and believed only the right person can get him to open up.

For him, Michelle was the right person, but in the end, they couldn’t end up together. He said he might go back to his shell to avoid being hurt again. But he stood by his believed to find love, and to start a family. He said he wants it more than anything and will do whatever it takes.

His elimination was met with confusion and a little anger, as many watchers didn’t like how all four finalists were persons of color, along with the Bachelorette herself. Clayton Echard, meanwhile, got emotional about his loss, and even cried when he received two letters from Young’s students, who wished him the best after his elimination.

On being the next lead

Clayton and Michelle

Clayton Echard was actually selected even before he debuted in The Bachelorette. Many of the producers found him to be an admirable person with a heart of gold. They all firmly believe that he deserves a second chance at finding love.

Let’s hope that he finds the woman of his dreams soon enough!