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Hawkeye: Episode 3 Showed Slow Progression Towards the Return of a Fan-Favourite Villain

Echo is here, while her ‘Uncle’ looms in the distance

“Echoes,” the third episode of Hawkeye has dropped, and we got to see Echo, aka Maya Lopez (Akaqua Cox), who is making her MCU as well as live-action debut.

While she does become a superhero in the comics, she is far from it now in Hawkeye. She’s the infamous ring leader of the Tracksuit Mafia, a crime syndicate that ends sentences with “bro” and is hell-bent on killing the Ronin.

Clint’s duality

Echo | Hawkeye

While we only got to see Clint as Ronin for a short time in Avengers: Endgame, we now get to see the consequences he had racked up in those five years. The MCU made audiences care for Echo in a very short time, as we see her being a very capable student in class despite her deafness, a tender bonding moment with her father William (Zahn McClarnon), her capability as a fighter, and watching her father die at the hands of Ronin.

Clint is still heavily weighed down by his past as he has Echo who is forever scarred by his actions, and Kate Bishop who is slowly rising up to the ranks as his protégé.

We also see Clint struggling with his own hearing disability while fighting the Tracksuit Mafia and Echo, and while talking on the phone with his son. ‘Echoes’ was the first episode where Clint and Kate sticked together the whole time, and even though Clint couldn’t hear what was going on around him, the duo struck up a pretty good dynamic.

The Kingpin

Kingpin and Echo | Hawkeye

By the end of the Hawkeye’s episode 3, a mysterious figure described only as “Uncle” was mentioned. The face wasn’t shown, but a hand was seen pinching young Maya’s face after a karate match. This could be Kingpin, who was her adoptive father in the comics. However, the MCU is doing things differently, as it was the Kingpin who had killed Maya’s father in the comics.

This gave hints that Vincent D’Onofrio, who played Kingpin in the Netflix Daredevil series might reprise his role. After all, Echo is a character that predominantly exists in the Daredevil universe. Anyone can be expected.

Hawkeye’s episode 4 is eagerly awaited!


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