Google has Confirmed May 2020 Core Algorithm Update on Monday. Here’s everything you need to know

Google’s second core update for 2020 will be out shortly 

On Tuesday, Google announced their second core update, which is called the May 2020 core update on Monday. This will be their second core update for 2020, the first being the January 2020 core update.

If you are familiar with Google’s release patterns, their algorithm updates come out every few months or so. It’s a little over 3 months since the January core update.

The Google Updates 

After their announcement on Monday, at 3:50pm ET, about an hour later, they informed that the roll out has begun and will be completed in one to two weeks.

Before the January 2020 core update, the previous update had been released in September. That update had been called weaker, when it was compared to other SEOs and webmasters, with many saying that it didn’t have as much of an impact as the core updates prior to it. Afterwards, Google released an update in November, but it was targeted to the local rankings.

Google has provided advice on how to react when you are negatively impacted by a core update. While there aren’t any specific actions you should take, and negative rankings don’t particularly indicate that there is anything wrong about your pages, but Google still made sure to provide some questions in case your site gets hot by a core update.

The reason for taking each update seriously is because every time Google updates it’s search ranking algorithms, it means your site has equal chance of doing better or worse in the search results. When you get wind of when Google is going to make their updates, we get the chance to understand why new rankings had occured. It may be because of something you changed in your website, or because of something Google changed with its ranking algorithm.

Therefore make sure to check for your analytics and rankings in this new update.