Eren Yeager: The Multifaceted Character Which is Neither a Hero nor a Villain yet Loved by All – A Review

Eren Yeager, a Japanese manga character and a known protagonist of the series Attack on Titan was created by Hajime Isayama. Eren is a teenager who has decided to take revenge from big-sized characters known as the Titans that destroyed his beloved town and was the reason behind the devouring of his mother.

The character is voice-dubbed by Yuki Kaji in the language Japanese and a similar counterpart by Bryce Pepenbrook in English so as to expand the reach of the series all over the world and let viewers from everywhere watch the same. The manga series has gained a lot of fandom in the past and continues to do so due to its excellent storyline and enaction put on screen.

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Fans mainly recall the moment when Historia and Eren were brought to Rod Reiss, believed to be a powerful king od Eldia, Rod was seen convincing the two that he would be the only one who could save mankind.

The series sees a twist when Eren started out as a civilian who dreamt of being a soldier, however, upon being confronted with war, he realizes that he is not the savior which eventually hits him hard.

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Three seasons have already been released. Now, with the 4th one round the corner, Eren and the team know about the outside world that exists. However, the physical walls were no more at the place. That is the time when Eren realized that freedom was yet out of his reach. That’s the deciding point for him whether he would like to go forward or introspect and change.

Viewers need to wait to see what happens in the series as it proceeds. A secret awaits all.