‘Peaky Blinders’ Actor Cillian Murphy’s Audition For ‘Batman’ In Full Batsuit Has Left Us Intrigued

Batman is presumably quite possibly the most famous hero character on the big screen and over a time of over 30 years, has been played by a large group of eminent entertainers that incorporate Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck. Presently, while such countless entertainers have proceeded to take up … Read more

Michael Keaton’s Bloody Batman Costume Teased by ‘Streak’ Director Andy Muschietti

The first visual confirmation that Michael Keaton will get back to play Batman close by Ezra Miller in Warner Bros.’ forthcoming “The Flash” was conveyed in a snappy (and brutal) picture posted by chief Andy Muschietti. The subtitle free image of Keaton’s exemplary Batsuit suit badge, covered with blood, was presented on Muschietti’s Instagram on … Read more

It’s Officially A Good News! Michael Keaton confirmed to return as Batman in The Flash movie!

michael keaton to play batman

It’s official. Michael Keaton, who played the Dark Knight in Tim Burton’s time of Batman movies, will get back to wear the cape and cowl again in the impending Flash film. Batman Will Once Again Be Brought To Life By Michael Keaton The Flash chief Andy Muschietti expressed in August that he had huge plans … Read more


A break parts the sky above Gotham City… a tear in all actuality itself. This break maneuvers the Dark Knight into a strange and new world, with no memory of what his identity is or where he came from… DC’s Batman has been brought into Fortnite! As our legend battles to review his past and … Read more

Batwoman Poster Reveals the Season 1’s Big Bad? But Why Show is Being Disliked?

The new poster for Batwoman series was shared by on the official twitter handle of Batwoman reveling the first major villain to face off Ruby Rose’s Batwoman in the upcoming CW series. The poster shows a psychopathic Alice looking over the blood-red sprayed Bat symbol captioned, “Alice has other Plans for Gotham,” which you can … Read more