Taylor Swift is Full of Praises for Zoë Kravitz as the Catwoman, raves about The Batman

Taylor Swift Appreciated Zoë Kravitz Role

Released on March 3rd, The Batman, received great acknowledge and was praised by everyone who watched the movie. Some praised about its action whereas many viewers praised Robert Pattinson. Further, there was one person who praised the Catwoman and come into eyes of everyone.

It was Taylor Swift, after watching the movie, she posted a story saying that the Batman movie was phenomenal. It could be seen that Swift was praising her friend Zoë Kravitz for playing the role of Selina Kyle also known as Catwoman.

Swift’s appreciation for Kravitz

On her story, she raved over Zoë for her role of Catwoman on Sunday. Further, she tagged her on an image in which she was in all black suit with which she enters as the Catwoman. There she wrote that, “Zoë is the Catwoman of dreams.”

Taylor Swift's Story
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Bond Between Swift And Zoë

Recently, in the year 2020, they both went to London COVID bubble together. There, Zoë was shooting for this film along with Robert Pattinson. Further, Swift had assisted her in a social distanced photoshoot for The New York Time Magazine for Great Performers at the time.

In fact, they have been friends for many years when Zoë met Swift and other starts like Cara Delevingne, Dakota Johnson at the Fat Reddish Restaurant in New York in 2016.

Updates About The Film

Batman follows a story, where Robert Pattinson playing the role of Bruce Wayne, who is protecting Gotham City from the underworld criminal group. Further, the role of the Catwoman is also very mysterious.

They received appreciation from many known faces for their electrifying performance.

Films appreciation
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The film has become the biggest film of the year at the Box Office. Further, it had earned an approximate of $128.5 million on the opening weekend and globally it took $248.5 million.