Colin Farrell Recalls his Experience as The Penguin on The Batman and Working with Matt Reeves

Colin Farrell Opens up About his Experience on The Batman

The Irish actor Colin Farrell who is all set to play the character of The Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot in his upcoming movie, The Batman recently recalled his experience working on the movie. Farrell is looking quite ​unrecognisable in the trailer of the movie which was released back in October 2021.

Colin Farrell

4 Hours of Make-up

The make up artists definitely did a great job in making the actor look like the super villain that he played the character of. He recalled what it was like getting into the role of Penguin and also explained the origin story of his character.

Colin Farrell revealed that the process of getting into character was not exactly as fun as one would think, he added that it took “four hours” for the entire make-up team to get him ready to be on camera. although , the team eventually got it down to 2 hours.

Colin Farrell on batman experience
Twitter/Matt Reeves

Inspiration From The Godfather for Penguin

Farrell also spoke about the inspiration behind his role, he explained how his role shared similarities with Fredo in The Godfather and also how he derived inspiration from the late John Cazale’s iconic character.

He stated that for Matt Reeves, the director of the upcoming movie thought that Fredo and The Penguin (‘Oz”) shared a certain amount of “brokenness” and Reeves thought that it would serve as a good reference for Farrell.

According to Matt, Fredo was someone with real and lofty ambitions. He was looked down upon by his own family and failed to dive into those ambitions just like Oz, who also was thought to be less capable, added Farrell

Colin Farrell on his batman experience
IMDB/ The Batman

He said that the Penguin won’t appear much during the film but it’s assured that his performance will be great as usual. His fans could not be more excited to witness The Penguin

All the DC fans are extremely eager for March 4, the day this much anticipated movie directed by Matt Reeves will come to theatres.