The Mandalorian: Season 2 Premiere got everyone Rooted to their Spots and Left them Rattled with the Cliff-hanger in Finale

Major spoilers below so don’t proceed if you don’t wish to know

The Mandalorian season 2 is off to a great start and in the first episode, called “Chapter 9,” we see our main character going to the Outer Rim in search of his people. The episode ends with the Mandalorian speeding across the desert while a mysterious figure overlooks Tatooine. This hints greatly on the return of a major Star Wars character, and fans are eagerly waiting for what’s about to come next.

Who’s more likely to….?


Of course, we just saw the figure, but he was covered up in a robe and didn’t show what he was wearing underneath. But many are convinced that it could be Boba Fett, the notorious bounty hunter who first appeared in the original Star Wars trilogy. The reason for all fingers pointing to Boba Fett is because he was the one who handed over Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt. Boba was later thrown into the sarlacc pit during Han’s rescue. The possible theory by fans is that he somehow escaped death and is back to being the villain.

The time zone for The Mandalorian is right after the original Star Wars trilogy, and Master Yoda dies in Return of the Jedi. The show is about a lone bounty hunter, called The Mandalorian who is given the task of retrieving “The Child,” but disobeys the order and runs away so that he could protect the infant. This child became the internet’s beloved “Baby Yoda.”

Season two will explore more on the current Star Wars storyline and will give fans a bigger idea about the certain lures. Make sure you get up to date on The Mandalorian streaming exclusively on Disney +.