Selena in a Chat with Kamala Harris Divulges on her Mental Health Journey. It’s a Discussion Worth Reading and getting Inspired from

The 24 years old international star Selena Gomez recently shared her experiences related to her mental health. She had a discussion of her mental health with Kamala Harris who is standing in US elections for vice-president. She and Kamala both posted the video chat between two of them on their Twitter and Instagram.

Gomez in fact explained what she went through during downfall of her mental health

Selena said that she really wishes that she could make a place where people can get help they need to bloom mentally. She also said that people need to breakdown and show what they feel. She added, it is very important for a person to do that and is also important for her.

Kamala Harris also said that she know that the country has suffered a lot mentally and is deeply affected. She said that she and presidential candidate Joe Biden are fighting to expand Affordable Care Act. From the establishment of Affordable Care Act in 2014, after four years there were many individual and small group health insurance plans were made.

In 2017 Selena also had treatment for various diseases

Remembering the lupus treatment Selena had, Kamala also said that Selena has become an inspiration after her lupus treatment. She said that her sister Maya Harris is also suffering from lupus. Selena has also spent some of her time in therapy sessions in 2018 since she was suffering anxiety and depression. Not only lupus, but Selena also took treatment for autoimmune disease and she also had kidney transplant. Well, Selena has suffered a lot and she has come so far away!! She is truly an inspiration.

In the end of the chat Selena said that one who loves their country will never consider not voting as an option. On 22nd October Selena announced that she has voted for the first time. Selena is currently one of the famous international stars with almost 195 million followers on Instagram.