Goodbye Supernatural: The CW series comes to an emotional end after 15 years

Major spoilers regarding the series finale are included

The Winchester brothers Sam (Jared Padelecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have officially retired from saving people from supernatural beings.

After 15 seasons that started from September 2005, CW’s Supernatural aired its final episode on Thursday and brought the monster-hunting brothers’ story to a satisfying end.

How it ended


The final episode starts with the brothers enjoying the rewards from saving the world for the final time in the previous episode. Until Dean picks up a case about a kidnapping ring consisting of masked vampires, which also included Jenny (Christine Chatelain) from season one of the show, and without time to waste, they were back on the road.

This fight was not as dangerous as some of the fights the two brothers had been on before, yet there was an air of uncertainty and danger looming around. Sure enough, this turned out to be Dean Winchester’s last battle.

While fighting a vampire, Dean gets pushed against a wooden post and impaled by a metal rod. He realises immediately that this was something he cannot escape. Dean has stated previously that they both knew it would end this way, but that didn’t make it any easier for the brothers or the ones watching it.

The show has delivered a farewell scene that was worthy of the fans who had followed it for fifteen years, and there was even a reference to the pilot when Dean shows up at his brother’s doorstep asking for help. The show was able to bring closure.

Sam says that he won’t be going hunting without his brother, when Dean assures him that he won’t be leaving him. He reminds him to keep fighting and that he will be with Sam every step of the way. Dean’s ride ends and he meets up with Bobby (Jim Beaver) in heaven, who says, “It ain’t just heaven, Dean. It’s the heaven you deserve.”



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