Start-Up: Episode 12 of K-drama is released and here are the fresh reviews of the episode.

Start-Up series is the latest Korean drama on Netflix. The fresh episode of the series was set to release on 22nd of November, 2020. However, in different time zone it will release today.  So before reading further, make sure that you have watched previous episodes. Also, ahead may lies spoiler therefore if you are planning to watch this Korean drama than may be this is not a good idea to read further.

Episode 12 of Start-Up set new future for the characters and the episode also holds a lot of emotions and drama

As the heading says, this episode will be the most dramatic chapter of the series. The episode was very emotional and it was very difficult for fans to watch it even after knowing what wrong is happening. The episode starts with Dal-mi and Do-san signing the contract with 2STO. Han Ji-pyeong do not warn them and when he reach 2STO, it was already late. With signing the contract, the duo thinks that they do not have to worry about the finances now.

However, there is still no improvement in relations between Dal-mi and her sister In-jae. Further, Hand Ji-pyeong’s guts come true and Alex already conclude with his planned fraud. The episode moves further with a blame game. After a brutual fight between Han Ji-pyeong and Do-San, Han Hi-pyeong says that the contract is fine in itself. But Do-San confronts him that he made NoonGil for Dal-mi’s grandma’s illness.

As we know, Dal-mi is the forgiving character of the series and thus she forgives Han Ji-pyeong. Further, Dal-mi prepare for Do-San’s birthday and put a lot of efforts for him which he unintentionally ignore due to stress and fraud. He go through a emotional breakdown since his dream of making an empire with his love collapse. The duo breaks up and move on with different paths.

At the end of the series, Do-San, Chul-San and Yong-San get ready to go America.