The Queen’s Gambit Star Anya Taylor- Joy Made A Shocking Confession About Herself!

It seems like one of the lead stars of a popular Netflix movie has made a rather shocking revelation recently and this confession has left fans all shocked! What is this statement all about? Well, here are all the details in the article given below.

Anya Taylor-Joy Confesses That She Is Not Beautiful Enough to Star In Films!

Apparently, The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy has revealed that she is not beautiful enough to star in films. Despite starring in popular movies, Emma and The Witch, the actress feels like she doesn’t meet Hollywood’s so-called beauty standards required for the big screen. Fans loved her in the popular BBC series Peaky Blinders as well.


Anya Taylor- further reveals that it is not only that she thinks she is not beautiful enough to be in films but also believes that she is weird looking! The star has recently gained overwhelming response for her portrayal of the chess genius Beth Harmon.

The Star Even Had A Panic Attack While Filming For Emma!

The star also shared some interesting moments from her earlier work confessing that she had a panic attack while filming for Emma. She was not sure enough that she will do justification to the role. The actress has managed to gain a fan base for herself with her impressive acting skills over the years, Anya is known to take up challenging roles for herself.


We are quite sure that fans disagree with this statement above as the rising star has been making quite a story for her fashion sense as well as we saw her slip into some impressive attire in The Queen’s Gambit. Well, she is nothing but beautiful and has meticulous acting skills as well.