As America chose its New President, Joe Biden, People had Epic Responses to the USA Elections Result 2020. Check Out Below for Some Hearty Laugh

Trump has been roasted so much, he won’t be needing the fake orange tan anymore

Donald Trump is now the ex-president of the United States, after having lost to Democrat Joe Biden and everyone (except for his supporters of course) have started roasting him through funny videos and memes.

Trump had declared that he was already a winner and that the Democrats have been putting in fake ballots, so when the news was declared, he was away doing what he probably loved the most, playing golf. Netizens didn’t stop with celebrating Biden’s victory; they started with Trump bashing memes.

“You’re fired!”


Remember when Trump made an appearance in WWE? That was when chairman Vince McMahon said his famous words “You’re fired!” to him before kicking him out. So as soon as his defeat was announced, the catchphrase started trending.

Another side of Twitter was laughing about Trump’s refusal to admit defeat and brought many popular clips from TV shows and vines to show how difficult it’s going to be to kick him out of the house.

A personal favourite of mine was the meme made about the two candidates film and TV cameos.


We also got to see the news being declared in major cities of America, and got to see people dancing and celebrating on the streets. Special thanks was given to Philadelphia by filmmaker Ava DuVernay and NBA star LeBron James, as Biden had won 20 electoral votes from Philly.

Special celebrations are also in store for Kamala Harris for being the first ever Black and Asian-American woman to become the vice president, as well as the first woman in office. America has just entered a whole new era of politics without a businessman/clown leading it. We shall see with great interest how it goes from here.